What is CRR?

Coach Reputation Ranking (CRR) is the only scale in the world that measures the reputation of elite soccer coaches.

It is an instrument that evaluates the value, potential and impact of the top coaches’ brands and attributes.

Measurement and monitoring are performed three times a year (September, January and May) from the analysis of ten categories (each with a specific weight on the final evaluation), defined at the same time by several variables.

Why coaches?

In recent times, coaches have become spokespeople and ambassadors for their soccer clubs. Since their public profile goes beyond the impact and brand image of the club itself, on many occasions, they become key references and even icons for fans, brands, the media, players, etc.

Who is our audience?

The CRR is aimed at:

  • Elite coaches
  • Sponsors
  • Club Executives and Sports Directors
  • Marketing and Communications Managers
  • Journalists and Media Outlets

All the evaluation and measurement criteria is public and, the results of each series, are available on this website.

For further information, do not hesitate to contact us.