Renowned brands, those with a desire for leadership, are increasingly defining the differences between pairings such as identity and image, and recognition and image. Therefore, what we mean by reputation is determined not only by having the courage to do something, but also because others recognize your efforts. This is the status of leadership and reputation in the 21st century. This is how we understand it, grounding ourselves in the work of authors such as Justo Villafañe, Joan Costa, Cees Van Riel, and Charles Fombrun, among others.

This methodological proposal promoted by the firm Comunicar es Ganar is a breakthrough not only because it offers a snapshot of the reputation issue from the communications field, but also because it creates value and provides a useful tool for elite coaches to more effectively manage their influence and reputation amongst the various audiences they target.

We understand that wage compensation is an important aspect in the coaches’ brand repercussion, which conditions but does not necessarily determine their prestige. While trophies and their careers are important, they only make up 20% of their reputation. And, according to a recent study published by the ESIC Business School, what happens off the field accounts for 80% of the value of an athlete as a brand image.

The data collection time period is the same for both rankings, it refers to the four months prior to the publication of each series. This is due to the fact that from the ten evaluation categories, 100 analysis variables emerge, which require detailed field work.

No, not at all. The ranking of Laliga only measures the reputation of the coaches from Spain. The GlobalTop20 ranking measures the reputation of coaches of the current best 20 clubs and national teams, according to their role and participation in the main international championships.

The #CoachReputationRanking is updated three times per season, publishing the first series in September, the second in January, and the third in May. If a coach resigns or is let go during the data collection period, his substitute will take his place in the ranking and will be evaluated in terms of reputation with a maximum advance of four months of his nomination until the update of the ranking.